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Discover Venice
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Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world. Its narrow streets, its canals, its vibrant atmosphere and the contagious romanticism attract millions of people every year. The hotel is excellently located, surrounded by monuments and areas of interest that can be reached in a matter of minutes. These are some spots you will probably fall in love with.
The Canneregio district houses among its canals, alleys and passageways the oldest Jewish ghetto in the world, known as the stage in which the work of Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice takes place. Here we can find the so-called skyscrapers of Venice, buildings that were born due to the increase of population in the ghetto, which got to have around 4000 inhabitants in the XVII century. Nowadays, we can find remains of this period, such are two synagogues that continue to offer religious services.
Grand Canal
One of the city's most characteristic symbols. You can take a vaporetto from the Santa Lucia Station and enjoy a 4 km boat ride while admiring the numerous palaces and the elegantly decadent facades at both sides of the river.
Rialto bridge
It is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal and the oldest one. You can cross the bridge to get a different view of the canal and buy some souvenirs in the shops next to it.
St Mark's Square
The special charm of this square has been proclaimed by numerous personalities and reflected on many works of art. Centre of cultural activity, here we can find remarkable buildings for its beauty and its importance throughout the history of the city. Among them, we find the Basilica of San Marco, the Doge's Palace or the Clock Tower.